Will online programming provide me with nutritional support too?

Yes, Base 90 days comes with a full support for nutrition and diet, along with supplements (as an option).

You get three fitness diet plans and workout plans in three months. After completing every 30 days in the program post filling the questionnaire, you will be taken to the next level of the program based on the results that you have achieved or progress that you have made, keeping in mind your nutrition and health. 

You must have seen a lot of people going to the gym and still carry a good amount of fats around the waist line. The reason is that they either eat too much than they burn or eat high sugar based foods. 

In Base, we focus on showing you the best results as soon as possible and for that we need to follow exercise and nutrition consistently, since they go hand in hand. In Base, we have majorly used or given the option of low carb based food, Keto diet or Low GI (Glycemic index) diet based food so that the body uses stored fats and starts showing outstanding results. 

A good nutrition knowledge and plan is very important to recover your muscles so that they can perform better when you are exercising the next time. 

Understanding BMR

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. Most of the time BMR is mentioned as RMR or REE (Resting energy expenditure). BMR is the minimum number of calories required for basic functions at rest. 

Below are few factors which can affect your BMR:

> Muscle mass – The amount muscle that carry

> Age – As you get older your BMR drops 

> Body size 

> Gender

> Genetics

> Physical activity 

> Hormonal factors 

Negative calorie balance | Calorie deficit 

Your weight loss or fat loss is an outcome of being calorie deficit or consuming less calories. Your macro, which is protein & carbohydrates carry 4 calories in one gram and fats carry 9 calories 1 gram. So it is important that we really understand what we are eating and how much we are eating. Measuring food items can be one of the best ways to evaluate the value of calories.

A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day is effective for a healthy and sustainable weight loss. 

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