Why should I choose Base – 90 days Fat loss program ?

First of all, warm welcome to the BodyProCoach Family. Here we focus and work hard to provide you a fruitful and memorable experience by not only educating you on what you will be doing in your fitness journey, but also helping you stay lean and achieve your results by taking care of your fitness needs.

At the end of the day your results on fitness is an outcome of applying the correct principles which suits you the best where you can stick around, enjoy and take this new routine as a lifestyle, forming a fitness connection. 

It is very important that I quickly take your few minutes to explain about myself and my team here before you start your fitness journey, because you are going to be keeping us responsible for your health & our fitness den will be taking full responsibility of your fitness, weight loss, fat loss and overall health. 

The Story Of Creating The Base Program

Well, I am Praveen Nair who is the founder of BodyProCoach, & we operate a Bootcamp & Pilates studio in Mumbai, India and of course we are well known for the transformation that we have done for some of the Bollywood actors like Sushant Singh Rajput, Abhishek Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan, Maniesh Paul, Remo D’souza, Lizelle D’souza and the list goes on and on. 

During the phase of training all the celebrities I realized I can actually help more people around the world where probably they can’t really use my personal training services. This thought encouraged me to observe people around me when I am in other gyms and watching videos of people working out and most importantly, when I saw people working out in the gym year after year, looking the same, without any understanding about why they are doing,  what they are doing. This gave me a clear vision that I should step out of my comfort zone and really help people with my information, education and experience. For me, it has always been – Fitness First!

Here Maahek & I thought of working on a program and shooting food videos and exercise videos. This was a really difficult task for us since we had to take out time from our personal training, but as the saying goes if your focus is so clear, no matter what- you get to the goal. 

We wrote Base – 90 days Fat loss program and started shooting the program & within two months, the program was ready and we started offering Base to people and I am so proud to say that we actually touched many lives and changed many lives for good, helping people create their fitness legacy. The most important part of a fitness coach’s life is when he gets to change someone’s life for good, teach them great discipline and helps them get more active. Ok, now I am getting more emotional as Base is like my baby :”) 

Throwing light on the Base Program :- 

> Base program offers a wide variety of fitness diet options to choose from which are easy to cook and nutritious. 

> Real time home fitness workout routine with Praveen & Maahek Nair and gym workout routine for weight loss, fat loss, etc, so you can pick and choose the option based on your choice. 

> Follow ups :- We believe in follow ups as an integral part of your journey. We keep our follow ups weekly, fortnight. 

> Progressive questionnaire :- Progressive questionnaire is a great way to understand the progress that you have made over the last 25 days of your journey in the program, and based on the progress that you have made, we take you to the next month of your journey of being fitter and healthier. 

> After completing Base 90 days fat loss program :- Up on finishing Base, we send you a certificate of completion of the program and from there based on your goals, you can join Move & Sustain which is a more advanced level of program than Base programming. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Base and working with you, step by step to make your dream of having a fit body come true! 

Yours Truly, 

Praveen & Maahek Nair 


Join Base-90 days fat loss program now! 


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