Travel and Diet

Sticking to your diet while you’re traveling can be extremely challenging. When you’re on the move, sticking to the keto diet or any diet for that matter isn’t always an easy feat, but with a little direction and planning, it’s usually achievable. Here are some tips on how to stay in ketosis while you’re traveling, most of which can be applied anywhere in the world.

But with a little effort, traveling on keto is much easier than you think.

 Keto Travel Tips:

  • Preplanning – Planning out your meals is not only a good tool to use in your day-to-day life, but can also take a lot of the stress out of traveling as well. The first part to plan out is the meal that you are going to have before you set off on your travels.
  • Utilize hotel buffets – Hotel buffets all over the world generally stock foods in all of the main macronutrient food groups (Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). As such said buffets generally provide keto Kickstarter breakfast options like eggs, cheese, meat, and fish. Omelets, in particular, are a great keto dish.
  • Choose an accommodation that offers a kitchen – It is easier to continue the diet on travel by choosing an accommodation that offers kitchen by which you can opt for healthy and cheap keto options just like eggs, butter, high-fat milk, etc that are easily available anywhere in the globe.
  • Try Intermittent fasting – If you opt for an intermittent fasting route, it can help your body go into ketosis as you will burn off your remaining glucose stores first, before the ketones take over, sometimes people even naturally go into ketosis between meals. Generally, intermittent fasting is considered to be between 16 to 24 hours (including time spent asleep) without food of any sort, but drinking water or black coffee shouldn’t affect your metabolic state too much. If you’re in ketosis already, you won’t get the same hunger craves as are customary on high-carb diets.
  • Make a Keto travel pack – you can make your own keto travel pack containing few essentials buffs to keep your body in ketosis. MCT oil is a keto superfood. it is a distilled version of healthiest fats in coconut oil which is a great addition to coffee, imbuing it with serious energy benefits, without really affecting the taste. MCT oil also comes in a powdered form which may be easier to transport, as do certain keto sweeteners. Keto snacks are another useful option for your travel pack.
  • Get Some Keto Snacks – One of the great things about the keto diet is the lack of hunger between meals, so in general, if you’re eating the right food at mealtimes, you will need fewer snacks. However, if you’re active you may get peckish when you’re out and about. Here are a few tasty keto snacks that should help to satiate your hunger: nuts, nut butter, keto bars, fat bombs, Dark chocolates, smoked fatty meats, etc.
  • Eat Healthy While Eating Out – If you’re eating out and decide to have a burger or sandwich, ask for no bun and that it’d be wrapped up in big lettuce leaves instead. Hold off on pre-made salad dressings, as they often pack a lot of sugar. Ask for a salad without dressing, olive oil, and a bit of balsamic vinegar in order to make your own vinaigrette.

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