Reasons of MORE weight lose in the first few weeks of the program

Reasons of MORE weight lose in the first few weeks of the program 

Weight loss or fat loss can really change the way you walk,talk, the way you feel and many more health benefits. Now this has a direct impact on day to day life, family life, relationships goals, in fact up to an extent how people treat you at work or in social gatherings. Actually, if you are meeting the person for the first time their subconscious mind starts gathering information when you are almost ten steps away from the person for even a shake hand or hi!

Fitness or maintaining a healthy weight or looking leaner gives a positive impression about your personality, life goals and most importantly discipline. You will never find an international athlete or successful men or women who are obese or over weight, will you? 

That’s because they understand the value of presenting themself in front of other people. 


What is fat loss & weight loss ? Is there a difference?

Yes! But first, let’s understand what happens in weight loss and why only some people manage to maintain their desired weight. 

Weight loss refers to overall decrease of muscle mass, water & fat loss. Wherein, fat loss refers to weight loss from fat and any given time fat loss is a healthier goal than just tracking weight loss. However, it is a very difficult track whether you are losing weight from fat or muscle. 

What happens in the initial days of exercise and why do you lose more weight or fat ? 

So now we need to learn about subcutaneous fats and visceral fats.

Subcutaneous fats :- If you are looking in the mirror and what you can directly with your naked eyes are subcutaneous fats. If the fats are visible or can be pinched, it is subcutaneous fat. 

Visceral fats :-  is the fat around your organs. 


Water Loss 

We all heard that if you are losing fats very fast that is water weight loss or we say the reason for bloating is water weight. Lets learn more!

Water weight is noticed when the fluid collects in tissues, causing them to swell and we feel bloated and make you feel uncomfortable. Your body starts storing these fluids around your organs and skin. 

When we are on a strict meal plan, for the first days up to weeks we lose weight very quickly. That really is water from the loss stored glycogen from our muscles. This generally happens in a low calorie diet,low carb or keto diet. Majorly low carb or keto based diet pushes the body to use stored glycogen and results in quick drop in weight loss. 

On the other hand this is the same reason most people get to gain weight once they stop any strict plan like keto or low carb as they start storing glycogen. 

Talking about weight loss that happens quickly in the initial few days goes on for a few days to week and slows down by the time you are approaching your second month. A few reasons  for the same is as discussed water loss, at the same time your body is experiencing a new change in physical activity which builds up the resting metabolic rate and at the same time increase after burn (A stage body is constantly working to recover muscles after the exercise also, which keeps burning calories) and ofcourse a new fat loss diet plan. All in all this was new to your body last month where you saw a lot of results, but now your body and system has got used to it and knows how to handle the amount of stress that you are giving by exercise and meal plans. 

How much weight we generally get to see people losing in our Base – 90 days plan or any other fat loss plan is anywhere from 8 to 15 kgs which is fully personalized in accordance to the person’s current condition . If the client is overweight and has to lose close to 40 kgs to get to the targeted weight, in that case we see almost 12 to 15 kg lose in the first month and second month onwards up to 5 to 8 kgs based on effort levels of intensity, keeping calories intake lower and finding the correct source to have meals, mostly based on GI of food. 

In case you are a person who is not overweight, but you still have fat around your waistline, we see comparatively 5 to 8 kg in the first month and then there after 3 to 4 kg weight loss.  


                      So I can lose weight in 90 days?!    

Yes! It’s possible!   


  • A person has to make major changes in his/her life to lose, which includes change in lifestyle, increase physical activities, making calorie deficit diet. 


  1. Change in lifestyle & increasing physical activities:
  • During the initial few days or weeks of losing weight a person can feel dehydrated & can face soreness in his legs & hands, because it’s a new habit to which they are getting used to, some people also lose muscles while losing weight. Sometime a person can also feel dehydrated & should increase his/her water intake during weight loss, he/she should at least drink 3-4 litres of water every day. 


  • When a person decides to lose weight, they should make a calorie deficit diet & should follow it, in a diet he/she should include fruit & vegetables which have natural water in it. It will help him/her to be hydrated during their weight loss program. Make sure to add steady cardio in the morning  fasted stage  to burn off the fats 
  1. Weight loss differs from person to person:
  • Weight loss differs from person to person because everyone has different metabolism power which plays a very role in their weight loss journey & the mindset of the person also plays an important role during their weight loss journey.


  1. Tracking weight progress & having self belief :


  • People who are obese can track their progress easily because they can notice the change through weighing themself & also, they can feel the change themselves through their weight. A person who is slightly overweight can face some difficulty because sometimes it’s hard for him/her to track that if he/she is losing weight or losing bone density/ muscle density. The person has to believe himself/herself during their weight journey.
  • Implement new routine and new skill learning methods to really engage and to make your activity fun based and result oriented. 


  • When a person loses weight or loses excessive fat, he/she can feel the growth of the muscle in a few months. He/she cannot feel the change physically but emotionally & mentally, he/she gets motivated when they lose weight & also their decision-making power also improves. Losing weight also helps a person to make his/her concentration strong. 


Firstly fitness is not an easy game, it takes days, weeks, months and up to year to build a good body, learn a new skill, to run a marathon effortlessly etc. So, we need to understand that fitness is an outcome of consistency and discipline over and over for a long period. 

 “Be consistent. Sunday off is only necessary when you are really tired or broke. Your body or brain does not understand sunday or monday. It only understands if this person is putting this much of a stress on me to make myself strong and keep improving.


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