I had trained Sushant Singh Rajput for 5 years, I had also looked after his workout, his rest time, nutrition, overall performance.

So actually, our relationship and bonding started when Sushant signed Kai Po Che (Movie). We actually met on a Sunday morning at 7.00 am in his car to discuss his fitness goals as they were no restaurants or café were opened that time. I remember this day very clearly as I could eye his passion & hungerness for success in his eyes. In the same meeting we decided to start training as soon as possible, as we had only two months to get ready and be in shape of an athlete for Kai Po Che. That time he was having higher fat %. We nailed down a plan of working out twice a day with worthful of effort and commitment.

In fact, I must say that its been 17 years I have been working as a fitness coach, I never met anyone like as SSR. He used to do extra ordinary things, my Uniform used to get drenched in sweat as we practiced weight training with kick boxing and this program did wonders some great magic. Within two months he had achieved his goals and looked in the character of an athlete and we finished our complete transformation 1 day prior of his 1st schedule of shoot of Kai Po Che’ and My Man turned around and called me a “magician”. That time there were no such hype of social media, but there was BBM messenger (Blackberry) and we used to kind of put display picture that we share the messages with people and after the training on BBM Sushant put a pic of both of us and mentioned “The Magician”

Trained SSR for 5 years and all his memories such as workout, making him sweat on the floor, looking after his diet, the discussions about his characters and the way he wants to look to portrait his characters.

Sushant’s transformation and working experience will be always be close to my heart. Will cherish each and every moment that I spent with you SSR.

With lots of Love on behalf of Sushant Singh Rajput.