I have a career where there are lot of ups and downs when scheduling is concerned. But if I start working out with Praveen Nair because he himself is so punctual my whole day falls in place. And if I have to be physically fit, forget being muscular or having a photogenic body, I always call him and he is one call away even when he is being so busy with other work commitments.

I feel in India people still don’t seem to understand that, 70% change of your body is because of your nutrition so when it comes to fitness nutrition comes first. When I started working out, Praveen gave me a diet book and I had to fill it up and it was good for me because I was able to track my diet which gave me incredible results.

I’ve been working out with Praveen Nair for years and one thing about Praveen is if you can manage the plan he provided, he will for sure give you result and it isn’t forceful done to your body, because he is brutally honest and he is like your doctor and if your doctor is not honest to you, then how will you improve your body??

But most importantly he knows what he is doing. So, he can design a plan for me to achieve my specific goal. I know when I surrender my body to someone who knows the art, I’m in safe hands.

Thought process about life:

My motto in life is Eat Healthy, Be Healthy & Think Healthy. A lot of people missed out on thinking part. We should eat healthy; workout regularly but also have healthy thoughts and be positive.

Fitness mantra:

One tip I want to give to the people and even I myself want to follow is give 1 hour in a day to your body, it can be anything; games, sports, dance or any sorts of physical activity.