I know Praveen from last 10 years, who is so dedicated and hardworking.

Every time I meet him there something new going in the gym or there is always some information that I take back with me. I feel very excited, very educated when I meet him. You know sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you to be regular but the way Praveen inspires me like call me and ask me to be on the floor 20 mins before, warm up and after workout he make sure that I follow a disciplined lifestyle over the day.

He keeps track of my diet book. I feel he plays such an important role in my life and I want to thank you for that and I hope this association grows stronger and stay forever and I want you keep making our life fitter and you keep inspiring us and always be the role model you are with your six packs.

Training with Praveen is worth my time and it’s an investment. It’s like investment for my body my time, in my fitness, my knowledge about it. I feel that it’s one of the most important things as a singer, as a musician, as I travel a lot and I think my fitness level has to be good.

The more time I spend at BodyProCoach, I get inspired by Praveen, Maahek and their kids.

I think it’s all about staying fit, staying positive and staying hopeful that you will get better and I think that’s all life is about. Thank you so much Praveen.