Is it compulsory to follow Home as well as Gym Workout routine ?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of exercise first so that everything starts making sense to you as you start reading. Regular exercise will improve muscle strength and endurance. 

Exercises deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and help the cardiovascular system work more efficiently and when you have good heart and lung health your overall fitness improves and ability to do activity improves. 

How long should I exercise for? 

This is a very goal and your current situation oriented question. Let’s talk in general- if it is a person who knows all the movements at its best, anywhere between 30 – 45 mins can get a great workout. These days you get to see a lot of class formats going from 30 – 45 mins and they focus on compound movements and high intensity fitness workouts which gives some great results as well. 

At the same time, a steady & moderate intensity cardio is known for making subcutaneous -(fat visible to your naked eye) burn. Let’s assume that a person has 25% fat and wants to get down to 10% fat and he or she already has good muscles, all they have to do is lose fat percentage. In this situation adding some fasted cardio can show some great results. 

Now when we speak about the time spent in exercise, we need to even remember that your weight or fat loss is an equation of low calorie consumption and burning more calories. So, you need to be in a calorie deficit in order to get some great results. 

So if you are a sedentary person who works out on an on and off basis, then the below routine can show some great results. Morning fasted cardio and in evening HIIT (Home workout) or weight training in the gym. 

What is the Home routine in Base – 90 days fat loss program ? 

Generally almost all the home workout routine comes with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and based programming we use Dumbbell, Bands, Step bench, Kettlebell, etc. to create intensity. Most of the time home workout routines are for 20 to 30 mins long and trust me the intensity so much that you can’t really go beyond 30 mins. 

Plyometrics movements, compound movements (where you are using more than one joint) keep the heart rate close to 150 and above which means that is some serious intensity. 

So in simple if you are looking forward to being lean & fit, then this is the correct program and most importantly these routines can be done from anywhere and in a short time. You get to work on your cardiovascular system, endurance, agility etc in that 30 mins. 

What is the gym routine in the Base 90 days fat loss program ? 

You must have seen people in the gym doing one set of exercise and taking a break for a few minutes and then performing that exercise again by increasing weight, this is called progressive overload training. In this manner you work on improving strength and focus more towards hypertrophy (Increasing muscle volume). 

There are a lot of methods that a gym workout routine can use like supersets, german sets etc. Generally gym routines are time consuming and low in cardio based benefits so you will have to add up separate cardio sessions if your focus is having a good fitness level. 

The most important thing is what do you enjoy the most. Both the routine will get you great results, if you stick around it 100% and with a good nutritional plan which is result oriented. 

You want to finish your exercise routine in a short time, but get a great workout then home workout options are great. On the other hand if you have a good amount of time to spend in the gym and like lifting some heavy weights then you should choose gym routines. 

The Base-90 days fat loss program comes with the option of Home workout and Gym workout routine. It’s time to smash your goals.

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