Adjusting Fasting days in festivals + Some easy recipes!

Adjusting Fasting days in festivals + Some easy recipes!


Lets understand what is fasting! 

There are various types of fasts done for health benefits out of which, one highly effective type is Intermittent fasting. It is a very known subject for losing weight, looking leaner, maintaining desired weight and is popularly known for anti-aging as well. 


These days most Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities follow this method of Intermittent Fasting diet to really look lean and young all year around. 

Some of the great actors who swear by Intermittent Fasting, out of which some are our clients too, are :- Abhishek Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan, Maniesh Paul, Hrithik Roshan, and the list goes on. 


There are various principles that you can apply to get great Intermittent Fasting results. 

Intermittent fasting stands for eating for specific windows and not eating for specific windows of time. The most popular one is 16:8- eating during the 8 hour window and fasting during the 16 hour window. 


It has been proven that if you incorporate other principles like keto, low carb eating which can really get some great results. So, it is very important what you eat in the eating window which will decide your overall results when you are doing your body composition or weighing next time. 


What happens when you fast ? 

When you are not eating and are in fasting windows, it causes a drop in insulin levels. Decreasing insulin levels causes the cells to release stored glucose as energy. Once you are consistent with this process for a few days this will help you drop fat percentage and cause weight loss. 


How often should you fast ? 

Following fasting can be a great lifestyle, 16:8 method actually gives you a lot of freedom to follow a good regimen and meet your calorie needs whether you are following for weight loss or for lean muscle gain. 

Now if you follow a low carb diet or keto with Intermittent Fasting, we recommend you to take it easy once in fifteen days or once a week based on how serious you are about your goals. 


How to adjust your fasting zones with your regular lifestyle?

Any kind of fasting, it could be Intermittent Fasting in Ramadan fasting, Navratri fasting or any other fasting methods. They all treat your body or insulin spike at the same rate. Which means we highly recommended fasting in all sorts as far as you are meeting your calorie needs and taking care of all micronutrients. 

Now your body only understands food, digestion and other processes around it. So you can really change the time of intermittent fasting or any other methods based on your lifestyle, time zones etc. 

So if you are fasting for Ramadan or Navratri you can really go ahead and adjust the timing of your open eating window as per your suitable schedule. 


How to open your fast? 

We call our first meal of the day as Breakfast, because we are breaking fast after long hours of break or sleep. In simple terms the same principle goes on and gets applied over here and now we know the first meal of the day should be dense in nutrition because our tendency to absorb the nutrition from the food is higher. 

Especially if you are a chronic eater, our bodies are constantly spending metabolic energy producing digestive enzymes to process what we are eating. This situation changes when you are fasting, the digestive enzymes are not needed or produced while you are fasting.


Start off well hydrated, drink a few glasses of water. Then you can actually consider taking electrol as during the fasting phase your body has some of the minerals and micronutrients, this helps you replenish the integral minerals. Then you can approach your main meal after a few minutes, like a good bowl of leafy veggies which are boiled or steamed with some MCT (Medium chain triglycerides) which are good and easy fats to digest, some avocado as they are also great source of fats and now comes the main part of muscle recovery they are proteins, so you can any red meat, white meat, tofu, cottage cheese etc. 


What should be your normal approach towards your meal? 

This question turns completely personal as in what is your goal, exercise routine, do you have a sedentary lifestyle or are you an athlete! 

In simple terms we should be knowing what macro and micronutrients. 

Macro :- We need in higher quantities as they provide us with energy. 

Micro :- Vitamins and minerals wherein they are also important, but we consume them in smaller quantities. 

So your all meals should contain all the macronutrients  (Protein, Fats, Carbohydrate) and micronutrients. 


What are the options of vitamins are necessary 

> Magnesium – Helps improve neurological functions & helps you avoid muscle cramps 

> Vit D – Improving immune system & building strong bones

> Iron – Help build red blood cells, Improved transporting oxygen to different parts of the body. 

> Omega 3 – Improves heart, brain and eye health

> Calcium – Improves bone health, heart and muscles 

> Vit C – Helps repair body tissues and improves immune system


How to improve Immunity while fasting during this pandemic?


> Avoid smoking 

> Follow a healthy meal plan which provides all the essential nutrients and fiber 

> Exercise regularly and trust us it does a lot of great things 

> Minimize or stop alcohol consumption 

> Sleep for minimum 7 to 8 hours a day as it help your recover and rejuvenate 

> Avoid taking much stress or learn how to ease them as high levels of stress can really mess your hormonal balance. So smile when you are reading this 

> Practice meditation – Increases self awareness, patience and tolerance. 


Intermittent Fasting Recipes!


Options for meals 

Options of Meal number 1 :- 

> Avocado Spinach smoothie :-

> Avocado Chocolate smoothie :-

> Keto Cinnamon Almond Butter Breakfast smoothie :-

> Peanut butter breakfast smoothie :-

> Low carb Strawberry Smoothie :-


Options of Meal number 2 :- 

>Jowar Green Sesame Roti :-

> Low Carb Jowar Spinach Roti:-

> Chicken Sufiyana:-


> Keto Crispy Chicken :-


Options of Meal number 3 :- 

>Vegan Spinach Soup:-

>Creamy Shrimp Soup-:

> Keto Bottle Gourd Dudhi Soup :-

> Egg Coleslaw Salad :-

>Asian Sprout Salad :-


Options of Meal number 4 :- 


>Keto Mutton Patty :-

> keto Curd Mutton  :-

> Cashew Apple Milk Shake :-

> keto cooler :-

>Jowar Green Sesame Roti -


Fasting Benefits:

> Promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance 


> Reduces inflammation and promotes better health


> Improved blood pressure, Triglycerides and cholesterol levels which will improve heart health


> Helps in weight loss by minimizing calories intakes and improving metabolism 


> Improves release of growth hormones which helps for  anti aging, retaining muscle mass, improving performance and in weight loss


“The groundwork of all happiness is health!”

  • Leigh Hunt


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